The Best Things to Do When You Visit Maui

Maui is the largest island in Hawaii, which was formed as lava flow from two different volcanoes in the island called Pu’u Kukui and Haleakala. Maui is a haven of wonderful mountains and valleys. The place is very serene and relaxing, and most of all, the people here are very friendly and hospitable. 

On a side note, we love that the island has an incredible assortment of natural produce. In fact, you will never run out of fruits and greens on the menu – they are very delicious! So if you’re traveling to Maui, here are some 10 things you can do in this wonderful country.

Drive through the road to Hana.

The road to Hana features aaa 65-mile scenic route, treacherous curves, and blind corners. You would have to be very careful when driving in this area but you definitely enjoy every view that both sides of your window offer. When you reach Hana, you can visit Honokalani Beach and walk along black volcanic sand and splash waves. Also try the good fish tacos at Da Fish Shack.

Book a night at Old Lahaina Luau 

For a definitive blend of island flavor and diversion, book a night at Old Lahaina Luau. This festival praises custom through vivacious music and movie exhibitions, and you’ll likewise observe the revealing of the Kālua pua’a—broiled pork—from its underground stove. 

Experience Star Gazing at Maui’s Favorite Hotel 

On a completely clear night, Maui’s skies light up with a noteworthy showcase overhead. To completely welcome all that is sparkling over this cut of heaven, experience Maui’s most visit star gazing at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Go through the late evening stargazing with incredible telescopes while snacking on chocolate strawberries. 

Visit the Maui Ocean Center 

Investigate living reefs; see uncommon corals and a turtle tidal pond at the Maui Ocean Center. At that point watch sharks, beams and colossal fish connect with one another as a major aspect of the great “Vast Ocean” show, where visitors meander through a glass passage and take in overhead perspectives.